ENT & Hearing Healthcare at Global Clinic Norwich

“There is no substitute for expertise.”

Patient focused Private ENT Care with Consultant Surgeon – Consultant Audiology – Nurse Practitioner Wax Removal – Hearing Therapy – Tinnitus Treatment – Hearing Aids.

Dear Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, colleague in Healthcare.

These have undoubtedly proved to be challenging times for us all, and the consequent influence that COVID-19 still exerts, has forced us all to re-evaluate how we provide healthcare for our patients in every discipline of medicine.

ENT and Hearing Healthcare are committed to providing the highest levels of care to those with concerns their hearing or experiencing any ENT or associated conditions in a safe, clinical environment observing all recommended infection control measures.

There is an increasing demand from those seeking care and support in both the public and private sector, and we remain convinced, especially now more than ever, that patients and their health are best served by skilled and experienced clinicians in an environment where footfall is not spontaneous, and attendance is controlled and infection protocols carefully adhered to.

For these reasons ENT and Hearing Healthcare are pleased to have created a new Centre of Excellence based at the Global Clinic, Norwich. A complete and cohesive care pathway which offers a single source of service for all your patients’ concerns on any aspect of their ENT or hearing healthcare. Diagnosis and Treatment for all conditions by Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon, audiological assessment with Consultant Audiologist, Wax removal by Nurse Practitioner, Tinnitus treatment, provision of hearing Aids and directive counselling with Hearing Therapist. Our team of local, hospital trained clinicians have over 100 years collective clinical experience.

With unhindered speedy access to onsite imaging facilities, we offer personal, impartial care and continuity of service. We liaise closely with GPs and other healthcare professionals for those who are looking for help and advice on any Ear Nose and Throat or hearing concerns, outside the constraints of the NHS, but with the same vital ethos of patient focused healthcare.

Contact ENT & Hearing Healthcare and access expert healthcare to ensure the best possible outcome for your patients and their families.