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For many years I have suffered tinnitus in both ears, so much so it has nearly sent me mad. The more I stressed myself out about it the louder it became. I had the right advice and understanding of my problems and now enjoy better hearing, and some days my tinnitus is completely gone. My advice to anyone with tinnitus is go along and see Rob Shepheard, Colney, Norwich and get the help and understanding you deserve. I consider it money well spent.

— Mr. Kenneth Rudling

Ten years ago I started to experience tinnitus but it did not affect me until five years ago so I went to see my GP. I was advised that there was no treatment available and that I would have to accept it and live with it… I decided to try Rob Shepheard … three months later my life has changed and tinnitus is managed that it is no longer a problem. I can’t thank him enough he is a true professional and his knowledge is second to none.

— D. Taylor, Norfolk

Since an accident about 4 years ago I have suffered from constant hissing tinnitus ...Sometimes it has seemed unbearable and has made me feel quite depressed… At my first appointment my condition was thoroughly tested, but we discussed not only my tinnitus, but also my whole lifestyle … Although I was initially uncertain how helpful this treatment would be, it has proven to be a complete success for me.

— Mrs B., Norwich

Customer care is of the utmost importance and we will take time to discuss your concerns and if necessary the best possible treatments.

Service Overview

Hearing Assessments

Hearing tests offered to regularly check your hearing and ensure it is not being damaged, either at work or in leisure environments have not really altered since the first half of the last century and fail to highlight early enough damage to our very vulnerable sense of hearing.

Tinnitus Management

As we all experience tinnitus in a very personal way, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. At ENT and Hearing Healthcare we will take a holistic approach and support you as person and not a condition. Our care plan will be tailored to your individual needs, and will be structured to include the therapies and technologies appropriate for you.

Hearing Aids Fitting

Choosing the right hearing instrument is vitally important and our friendly clinical experts will work hard to ensure your hearing instrument meets your lifestyle requirements. There are literally hundreds of different designs and models of hearing instruments, and to best match the technology to your hearing we have always believed it is vital to remain independent.

Assisitive Hearing Products

Assistive listening devices include amplified telephones, hearing aid compatible phones and smartphones, television compatible devices, FM systems for public settings, and alerting devices. We are working with other experts from around the world in the global development of hearing conservation initiatives. Following decades of work on developing effective strategies to prevent noise induced hearing conditions.

Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing protection – select appropriate hearing protection that complies with rules and regulations as well as health and hygiene criteria. Verify on a regular basis the fit and level of protection the PPE offers remains sufficient.

Systematic Auditory Health Conservation Programs

For many years our specialist has recognised the need to evolve every aspect of hearing conservation procedures, and our work in Motorsport and Formula One with individuals like Jenson Button and Mark Webber has helped our practice lead the UK in developing technologies to achieve this. Along with our colleagues we strive to improve hearing conservation in all countries around the world.

Arranging a Consultation

No Long Waiting List

An appointment is required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do need to plan out when they can come in. Simply call us and you’ll be booked in.

Audiology Specialist

Over 35 years’ experience in Clinical Audiology helping to innovate how hearing healthcare is considered and addressed, and continues to drive the necessity for recognition of improvements in these aspects of health.

There is no substitute for expertise.

Customer care is of the utmost importance and we will take time to discuss your concerns and if necessary the best possible treatments.

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