What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus occurs when a person has the sensation of sound without the presence of a corresponding external source. It often presents as ringing in the ears (hence the word “tinnitus” which comes from the Latin word for “ringing”) but can also manifest itself in countless other types of sound. It could be heard in one ear, in both ears or even in the head

What can be done about my tinnitus?

It is not uncommon for people to be told that “nothing can be done”.

DO NOT WORRY! This is NOT true!

What can be done about my tinnitus?

Although tinnitus is not an illness, it could be considered as our brain’s change in perception or interpretation of the signals in the auditory system. This maybe as a consequence of conditions that can be easily treated, such as a blockage of wax in the ear.

The first step in addressing your tinnitus is to seek the advice of your GP they can then refer you on for assessment and where necessary appropriate individualised treatment.

You are welcome to contact us directly at ENT and Hearing Healthcare, but we also accept referrals from your GP or other medical professionals. We work closely with our Ear Nose and Throat colleagues to firstly exclude those conditions that may relate to your tinnitus and that could respond to treatment. We then provide you with an individualised, systematic approach to address and manage your tinnitus, to help ‘reset’ the way your brain’s interpretation mechanism is working.

We utilise tinnitus treatments that employ the latest technologies as well as traditional therapeutic methods. We are committed to providing a successful range of tinnitus management techniques and are continually assessing new research and exploring new innovations to assess their true suitability.

As we all experience tinnitus in a very personal way, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. At ENT and Hearing Healthcare we will take a holistic approach and support you as person and not a condition. Our care plan will be tailored to your individual needs, and will be structured to include the therapies and technologies appropriate for you.

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