Nick Bataila

Nick Bataila is a Senior Aural Care Nurse practitioner with 13 years of experience in Aural Care. He is working under the guidance and mentoring of Mr Junaid Hanif, ENT Consultant.

Speciality Aural Care and Microsuction
Areas of Expertise
  • Senior Specialist Nurse Aural Care
  • Microsuction
Gender Male


Ear microsuction is the modern safe way to clean ear canals. For blocked, waxy or infected ears.
Gentle, comfortable, safe – because we are skilled!

What is it?
Microsuction – is the term used for cleaning ear canals using the magnified view of a surgical microscope and a tiny vacuum cleaner and/or tiny instruments.

What does it involve?
The client lies on a bed, our Ear Nurse Therapists gently hold the ear canal entrance open, sometimes they use a plastic funnel to gain the best view. The microscope is then focused into the ear canal entrance. When we use the suction/instruments clients often say ‘this is weird’, they will tell us ‘it’s a bit noisy’ and ‘it tickles’.

What are the benefits?
Because we can see so well with the magnified vision, we can then remove wax/debris without touching the ear canal walls – hence a comfortable, safe procedure. The magnified views allow the Ear Nurse Therapist to assess the ear canal andeardrum to make a diagnosis.

Who may need microsuction?

  • anyone with wax/debris in their ear canal
  • anyone with an ear canal infection
  • anyone who has had a middle ear infection and the ‘pus’ has burst out into the ear canal
  • anyone with a foreign body present
  • anyone with a discharging ear

Medical Experience

NHS Blood and TransplantSession Charge Nurse

Achieve occupational competence in blood collection clinical skills. Responsible for training the team and ensuring both myself and their competence is maintained. Oversee the clinical assessment of donor eligibility and lead all aspects of donor care. Efficient management of blood donor sessions, maximising productivity as well as maintaining standards of care and donor satisfaction.

Norfolk and Norwich University HospitalENT OPD

Working as healthcare professionals in the hospital. Used to see more than 2000 patients/year with ear related problems.

James Paget University Trust HospitalCharge Nurse ENT OPD, Dental Department

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Wymondham Medical PracticeAural Care Services

Set up and training GP staff to become acredited in Nurse Lec Clinic- Microsuciton

Cromer Hospital NHSOPD Aural Care Services

OPD Nurse and Actively involved in training and setting up the Nurse Led Clinnic- Microsuction

Contact Details

For many years I have suffered tinnitus in both ears, so much so it has nearly sent me mad. The more I stressed myself out about it the louder it became. I had the right advice and understanding of my problems and now enjoy better hearing, and some days my tinnitus is completely gone. My advice to anyone with tinnitus is go along and see Rob Shepheard, Colney, Norwich and get the help and understanding you deserve. I consider it money well spent.

— Mr. Kenneth Rudling

Ten years ago I started to experience tinnitus but it did not affect me until five years ago so I went to see my GP. I was advised that there was no treatment available and that I would have to accept it and live with it… I decided to try Rob Shepheard … three months later my life has changed and tinnitus is managed that it is no longer a problem. I can’t thank him enough he is a true professional and his knowledge is second to none.

— D. Taylor, Norfolk

Since an accident about 4 years ago I have suffered from constant hissing tinnitus ...Sometimes it has seemed unbearable and has made me feel quite depressed… At my first appointment my condition was thoroughly tested, but we discussed not only my tinnitus, but also my whole lifestyle … Although I was initially uncertain how helpful this treatment would be, it has proven to be a complete success for me.

— Mrs B., Norwich